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Child from Meru, Kenya

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CUSOS - Cambridge University Society for SOS Children's Villages

We are a group of students who are dedicated to fundraising for homeless children.

Our work is possible thanks to sponsorship. Find out more about sponsoring our society..

SOScape 2016?!

Want to help organise the biggest event to the society?

Want to raise money for orphaned children?

Join the committee now to make this come true!

You can also participate the event which will take place in Lent term 2015! (It's fun!)

What do we do?


  • An annual event taken place in June to fundraise more than £2,000.

  • All the money raised goes to SOS Village's Children.

  • Help homeless children and orphans all over the world.

We also help raise awareness of the charity and the problems in developing countries such as the Philippines and Syria.

How can you help?

You can sposnor our society by donating prizes for the SOScape, or simply donating to our society.

What are Children's Villages?

SMV - motherhood

SOS Children's Villages are where children who have been orphaned and abandoned live. Here they are cared for in loving family homes.

Each child is looked after by an SOS Mother, who cares for a small group of children. They live together as a family.

SMV - home

There are several SOS families within a Children's Village. They form a supportive and safe community for the children living there. 

We support families living nearby to our Children's Village through our community outreach work.

SMV - village

We know that each child is unique, so those growing up in Children's Villages are given individual support until they are young adults. We provide them with medical care and quality education.

You can sponsor a child growing up in an SOS Children's Village, and ensure they receive all they need to flourish. 

Child sponsors change young lives. Thanks to their compassion and support, we are the world's largest charity for orphaned and abandoned children.

Find out how you can support a child to thrive in an SOS Children's Village. 

Thank you for supporting us!

Explore our child sponsorship FAQs, or get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! Here are our contact details

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With SOS Children you can sponsor Zimbabwean children and give them a loving family home.